Python web scraper

This project retrieves information from a University of Texas webpage. It searches for home games that are happening during the week. If there are any it will then send the time that the game starts to a slack direct message. It will also create a reminder that it sends to my wife so she can be reminded to move her car.

moveYourCar repository page

Python Hyatt Award Finder

This project checks for award information from the Hyatt webpage. I use the Selenium framework to login to my World of Hyatt award account and search for an available award that meets the input criteria on lines 5-8 in the file. When a match is found, I then receive an email with the corresponding information.

I orignally set out to have this run on my raspberry pi in a headless browser. But that didn't work out. I wrote the code while testing in a (normal) visual browser. When I tried to reconfigure the code to run headlessly it failed. So it works but not the way I had originally intended. I might update it in the future but for now it was just a fun project to learn Selenium.

hyatt award finder repository page